Sustainability Statement

Hi! I'm Jenna, the face behind Tinker Company!

They call me Tinker.

Even though I've been a metalsmith for over seventeen years, I have been environmentally-minded and interested in sustainability issues for far longer. May I share my thoughts with you about how I want to spend my time on this planet?

I want to lead a creative life. I want to live a relatively simple, mostly sustainable life, where I can have minimal impact on the environment and maximum impact on the happiness of the people around me. These are goals that carry over into my business 100%. I believe it's important to think about how our actions affect everyone in our lives - both those in our inner circles and those we've never met, but have touched our lives in some way.

And strangers do touch our lives! Sometimes in ways we don't always think about. A person made your favorite shirt. Maybe they knit it from a ball of yarn or they sewed it on a machine in a factory, but they put their energy and love into creating something that is now a part of your life.

Well, I don't make clothes, but I do make jewelry, which sits right alongside clothing in the fashion industry and I think there are often too many unanswered questions about the various working conditions of people in these fields all over the world. I know the decisions we jewelers make about ethically sourcing not just labor, but raw metals and gemstones, help shape both the future of this industry and the world as a whole. We need to ensure we are producing sustainably so that we can limit our impact on the environment now and create well-made products that will stand the test of time so that they won't end up in a landfill. All of these issues are important to me and I am committed to making my pieces in the most responsible, ethical, and thoughtful way possible.

Below you will find a list of some of the specific commitments we at Tinker Company have made toward our goal of sustainability.


At the soldering bench preparing to create a piece of jewelry.

Made to Order:

The pieces in our collections are primarily made to order. We intentionally keep limited stock because when we make our jewelry we want to know that its next home will be with you, being worn and loved, not sitting in a box still waiting for its moment to shine. In this gotta-have-it-now world of one-click shopping with next day shipping, we know it can be hard to wait! But actually, the excitement of waiting for something special to arrive can be fun! Also, how cool is it to know that a piece was made just for you?
Jewelry that tells your stories never goes out of style.

Timeless Design:

We aim to invent thoughtful designs that are original and uncommon. Designs that aren't based on fashion trends, rather created with the intent to remind you of your memories and special moments all while reflecting your individuality. Your story will never go out of style.

We're proud of our work. All pieces are stamped with our maker's mark and to identify the metal composition.


All of our jewelry is made of high-quality solid silver or karat gold and each piece is stamped to indicate the composition of the metal. We create well-made products that, when treated with care, will last a lifetime. We're proud of this fact, so we sign each piece with our maker's mark, too!

Each piece is made in New York City.


Each piece is made in New York City. Individual elements that are not made in our shop directly are sourced from local vendors and suppliers in the United States in order to ensure fair labor practices.

Recycled silver wire.

Raw Materials:

Only recycled metals are sourced. Ethically mined metals are great, but we prefer to support refineries who reuse the metals that were mined long ago. This allows us to rescue gold and silver from industrial or post-consumer uses and recreate that metal into something new and beautiful. Designs are thoughtfully produced in such a way as to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. Excess metal is always collected and sent back to the refinery to begin the process again.
Sometimes we take care of other people's trash, too.


In addition to reclaiming and refining unused metal, we aim to minimize our entire waste footprint. We are fortunate to be based in New York City where there are very robust options for both recycling and composting, of which we are excited to take full advantage.

Energy efficient tools are used in production.


Our power is sourced from a variety of sources including wind and solar and we do our best to conserve it! Many of the electric tools in the studio are made with energy-saving variable speed drives. The other tools work on good old elbow grease! As far as the energy we put out into the world: good vibes only! In fact, one of our missions is to create more smiles!

Tinker's 100% recycled packaging.


All of our packaging is reusable, recyclable, and/or biodegradable. Jewelry boxes, shipping boxes and tissue paper are all made in the United States with 100% recycled materials.

Packing and shipping supplies


In order to minimize our impact, we choose carbon-neutral shipping and transportation options, which support projects that help offset the carbon emissions of each shipment. Look for the words "carbon neutral" on your address label.

Did I miss anything? Is there something else you'd like to see in this list? Please contact me to let me know!

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